Friday, August 14, 2009

Cross Videos

I've lost 5-6 lbs since July 4th. Wahoooo!

I've watched the following Cross movies and here is how they rank.

1. 9 ball diaries. (Great interviews and race shots. All american races.)

2. ACross the Pond. (Very good. Its about the camp in Belgium from Dec. 22 through Jan 2nd. Very good race coverage, great interviews, I would probably rank it #1 if it didn't have so much bs of just dudes sitting around wrestling/videos games/such.)

3. Cyclofiles #2. (Lots of racing. All in America. Hardly any interviews.)

I have all 3 of these, if you would like to borrow one, email I'll keep them at the store for now.


  1. Are you still running?

    And also, can I borrow 9 Ball Diaries?

  2. Not much running, Friel talked me out of it.

    yes, on the dvd.