Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tour of KC

1. Felt fine during the kck crit. It was my first race in over a month and I was a little loopy and lacked focus. With 2 to go I was stuck 20 riders back and managed to get up to around 7th position with 1 to go. In the last turn I got cut and lost some momentum. Still got at least top 12, though the results don't show it. I didn't check results or protest anything, should have, but didn't.

2. Some dude dropped his chain going up the first hill, so he fixed his chain, turned around and went to the judges for a free lap but they didn't give it to him, he was upset, I guess it is more of a funny story when Melissa tells it. She has plenty of funny stories now that she does the scoring for races.

3. I haven't crashed in over a year. In fact the last time (and very first time) I crashed in a race was last year at the OPGP. I felt fine sitting in the whole race, it seemed fast but I think I was out of racing shape. With 2 to go I moved up and was placed well in the top 10, then on the 3rd corner I crashed while trying to avoid another crash. Adam Miller won it, he is smoking fast and it is his first year racing. Crazy!

4. Cross bike should be built this week. Still planning on racing the sedalia crit and maybe even gateway.

5. Thanks to good friend Joe we have moved into our old house. Still a lot of work left scraping, painting, bathroom remodeling and cleaning to get the Holmes has sold. Anyone need a house?

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  1. Interesting. I checked the results on the TOKC website too and it appears that I didn't even race on Saturday. I should've checked them before I left too, but I got tired of waiting, ah well.