Sunday, August 16, 2009


Went down to SE Kansas to visit the folks and get baby presents. I got to do some riding at the trails by Elk Lake, all the doubletrack hadn't been mowed this year so I gave up and just road single track for an hour or so.

Today I spent time on starts and mounts. Melissa parents have a long gravel drive way that is about 2k long uphill. There was a nice tailwind and after 10 starts I was cooked so I spent the rest of the time working on mounts.

I started off doing everything in slow motion. I was definitely out of practice and couldn't get on and off as fast with my bike going slow so when I started going at race speed everything came back pretty quick. Still need more practice though.

Pics of the cross bike for now. Weighs in at 17lbs. Those are ztr 355 29er rims to 32h king hubs. I ran 30 psi for 2 hours no problem.

It probably will be my pit bike or someone else's bike, I've got some columbus pipes in a box I need to start putting together.

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