Monday, July 6, 2009


Started watching the tour early today. Got really bored with the stupid commercials every 2 minutes and versus love affair with Lance. Turned it off to get some house work done, only to turn it back on 1.5 hours later to see all 9 Columbia riders off the front with 18 others with a 35 second gap! They hold on for the finish with Cav winning. I haven't been this excited in a long time.

I heard Garmin talking about how they were going to leave all the responsibility to Columbia since "they have the fastest guy"...guess they learned their lesson!

Watch the tour tonight!


  1. I wish they would let Bob Roll talk more.

  2. "if you race like juniors, you get results like juniors."

    I guess you can say whatever you like if you win 2 stages in a row!

  3. I liked Lance's comment too.

    "When anybody's on the front and you see a turn coming up and you know it's windy; it doesn't take a genius to know you'd better be there."

    I hate all of the Lance crap with Versus too, but I also don't like the Lance bashing. If he's a better rider, he's a better rider, but he isn't the only one in the damn race either.

    "I have won the Tour seven times, I think i deserve a little credit."

    This is why I DVR every stage. That way I can FF past all of the fluff. Hey, at least we're getting to see it on the tele.

  4. I don't see a lot of Lance bashing, its mostly the "We love Lance!" "Lance is the best and no one else matters!" focus that gets bashed.

    No one is really saying, Lance sucks and should go home to texas and make out with 20 year old girls...they are just sick of the coverage.

    During the TT, they didn't go away from Lance for a second. The entire 20 minutes they were focused on his A** and you had no idea what else was going on in the race.