Friday, July 10, 2009


Since the v02 max on wed I have tried to take it easy. I am trying to stay off the bike as much as possible for the 7 days in a row but with so many errands to run, and still being stuck in 39/13(still waiting on the new shifter to come in) its been tough. I believe I road at least 20 miles yesterday and between the hills of KC and the wind it is hard not to pedal hard. Today I'm doing a bunch of pushups/situps, and back things. Trying to drop 5 lbs within the next 4 weeks. Hopefully I won't gain anything between now and Thurs.

Anyone have any non-leg hurting workouts or diet ideas?

Click here if you are interested in racing a track bike on grass.

Enjoy a pic from the tour of kc. 2nd version coming in August.

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