Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tour of Lawrence

First time event and it was a blast. The promoters did an excellent job getting the event ready to go and it went off well.

Very nice payouts for the area and a good showing from local as well as traveling teams.

Saturdays course was on Mass Street. It was a long 1 mile with a figure 8. There were plenty of spots to move up with moderate inclines but nothing remotely close to requiring a little gear.

The 4 race was fun to watch, at certain times there were 4 colavita racers in the front bringing back the breaks and Eric Stull finished 3rd.

During the 3 race the pace was kept pretty high. The first few laps there were plenty of primes called and with 10 to go the attacks started. The pace was kept high the entire last couple laps.

I finished 3rd with Matt right behind me.

The pro race was very good too. Stefan from mercy and a sanjose racer got off the front and maintained a 16-20 second gap for the last 10 laps to go. With 2 to go the field had brought it down to 9 seconds. We thought for sure they would be caught but they were able to hold on by a few seconds with Stefan finishing 2nd.

Today was a very hilly circuit race. Not to hot, but a little windy. The course was very bumpy in certain sections and there were plenty of technical descents/turns.

We did 6 laps, with 1.5 laps to go my rear shifter broke, and I was stuck in the 11t cog. The neutral sram car pulled up and monkeyed with it, but no go.

I dnf'd. I could have borrowed a specialized pit bike and try making up a 3 minute deficit but I declined. Matt finished somewhere in the top 20.

Andrew Coe (SKC) and Shadd Shreiner(360) took 1st and 2nd. They both had fresh legs today and were looking good the entire race. Its' nice to see other KC racers win.


  1. I'd bet good money that you broke that shifter as an excuse to buy the new 2010 Force :)

  2. Force crossed my mind. It is prettier, but for $70 more?

    Sram is warranting it. They are good.