Sunday, April 26, 2009


Todays race was actually more fun than I expected. It was almost like a crit. Everyone was riding crazy and the first 35 miles were super fast. Lots of hills and heavy wind would describe the conditions. SKC looked to be the team to beat since they had some fast times in the tt and fielded 7 riders but their GC guy Andrew...who is crazy fast broke a spoke and didn't make it back up to the group. I figured one of the skc guys would give Andrew their wheel and another could get him back up to us but I never saw him until a few minutes after the finish.

I got in a few break-aways in the beginning and nothing was really sticking, just like yesterday, if any of the GC leaders weren't there, they were pulling back the group.

Later, a group of 7 riders got off the front, all were high up in the GC and no one was willing to work to get them back except a big BMC rider from Arkansas who I recognized from last year.

Alex from SKC did some good work, he was always working for his team and getting to the front to pull when others tried to excape...some of the undiscovered riders didn't like it but that is racing...Fun!

I worked really hard going into the last 10 miles...basically a rider was running his mouth, telling Alex (a minor) that he was going to punch him in the face for bringing back one of his teammates.

Me, Alex, and a 360 guy started working extra hard and soon we were all back together.

47 guys started, 7 got off the front, and probably 10 of us were left chasing.

As we crossed the dam I could feel my legs burning and I decided to attack before the final climb...I had lots of momentum going up the hill but half way up my legs became locked and would not let me pedal further, so I was passed.

I have the next two weekends off so expect some good 9:00am sat. morning rides and crazy bike sales at the bike shop.


  1. BK--

    It's real easy to armchair quarterback isn't it?
    Andrew and Brant both run 9 speed, not that it matters since it was his front wheel that broke.

    You're right, there was an opportunity and we whiffed. However, we didn't have the luxury that you are afforded only having one person to look after...yourself. So, thanks for the kind comments about Alex, he is an exceptional young man on and more importantly off the bike. In the mean time, until you "know", you don't know.


  2. Ha ha ha, someone was going to punch a guy from another team for reeling in his teammate?! That's hilarious! What else are you supposed to do in a race? Nice work Britton.

  3. Yeah Matt. This dude was crazy, and stupid. His teammate attacked and he was sitting on the front with me right behind him. Once his teammate got about 5 bike lengths away he attacked and pulled me and everyone else with him. Once we were all back together his teammate yelled at him and seconds later his teammate attacked again. We let him go for about 30 seconds and then Alex attacked. The undiscovered guy chased him down pulling the rest of us with him. Once he caught Alex he started yelling at him. Telling him he had no GC guy and had no business attacking or pulling or anything. Alex came back next to me (I was 3 riders back) and I told him, "We are having fun. This is racing. Screw him. He sucks. We're going to bring his teammate back." I couldn't believe this Undiscovered guys attitude. After I talked to Alex, Alex road back up next to the dude and just stared at him, about 5 seconds later the undiscovered guy went crazy and started yelling at him about how he wanted to punch him in the face. Right then I attacked, and looked back at the undiscovered guy and he was even more pissed. About 25 seconds later they caught me and the dude said some stupid things asking if I had a GC guy in the break and what I thought I was doing and yadayada...Then Haedo attacked from 360, he was just as pissed as I was...we caught the undiscovered rider off the front about 1 minute later...I am pretty sure Haedo said a few things to the rider to shut him up, I still can't believe this dudes attitude.

    Apparently by the finish all was better, Alex and the Dude made up, but Haedo and I were still pretty pissed at him.

    I didn't think the dude realized that the entire field, even though they were on different teams, new Alex pretty well and would back him instantly. I was hoping everyone would just pull over on their bikes and we could throw down but that didn't happen, we had work to do.

    Justin, sorry about the 9 speed/10 speed confusion, I will fix the error.

    Thanks for reading.