Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Power from Racing!

Peak Power

4-21 Tues. Crit

30sec. 467

4-25 VTGP Prologue
5sec. 816
30sec. 581
1min. 457
5min. 298

4-25 VTGP Crit
5sec. 1170
30sec. 573
1min. 481
5min. 360
10min. 310
30min. 276

Interesting numbers. Definitely down from 1 month ago...taking 3 weeks off of going hard does that I guess. I knew after the prologue I could have went much harder...I wasn't exactly focused in the TT and kept snoozing off, then waking up and trying to go again..no real consistently there. My 5min. number should have been around 350...but I had my computer in my back pocket and there was no way to tell how I was doing during the tt...if I had it mounted on the tt bike it could have kept me more focused on keeping a consistent number. Next time I'll know better.

Looks like I finally went fast with that 1170 number...I was trying to take it easy in the vtgp crit but the racing was really fun and with all the attacks..well I just had to race and not worry about my training that day.

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