Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tues. Night Crit.

We left the store at about 5:55...Melissa had a Burrito so I ate half of it on the way down there...looking back, I should have eaten the PowerBar I had and saved the half of the burrito for recovery. We arrived at 6:20, just in time to warm up for me...I felt really cold so I put a t-shirt on under my jersey...

Before leaving the store I ripped a freckle off my chest...I had a tick on my chest on Sat. after the crit at the vtgp and killed it...I have had these little rash/bites on my chest and everytime I touch them it stings/itches like crazy...I spazzed out on it today thinking there was a tick on me when really it was a freckle(I hope). I couldn't really see that well looking down at it since it was on the upper portion of my chest so couldn't really tell...finally a bunch of blood came out and I got a bandadge for it.

At the start of the race I was hoping that the 1 lap would be good enough for a warm up but everyone knows that is impossible, especially for a crit! After 1 lap a few attacks and all the fast guys were away, Marshal, Mills, Smith, we were left chasing.

I kept feeling hot/cold throughout the whole race. My legs never really "warmed" up and felt stiff the whole time... Finally with 3 to go I got into position about 8 riders from the front. We were all strung out and it stayed that way until the final sprint. I was able to take the gutter route and get 3rd for the field sprint I think.

After the race I ate a powerbar and had some rapid-recharge, wish it was a burrito but that is what i get.

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