Saturday, April 25, 2009


Finished the TT ok. I was 13 seconds off the winner, which actually sounds like a lot for a 1.5 mile TT. I brought an TT Bike which is a great bike for the money, I didn't want to use anything crazy, just something to get me in a fast position. I used my regular road wheels and just tried to go fast without using up too much gas, I had plenty left in the tank at the finish and I could tell I have a lot more to improve on if I want to become a good tt rider.

I've been feeling under the weather since Friday morning when I woke up, don't know if it is allergies or what, just feel drained and my throat hurts...once the crit started I forgot about it. I started in the back but moved up after 2 laps. There were many really focused attacks and with the wind, I figured something might stay away...but after a lap or two of getting on some attacks it was clear that there were too many teams with too strong of riders. If it wasn't specs reeling the attacks in it was SKC or Undiscovered or even a few of the Bike Shack guys.

Once I realized nothing could stay away I tried to stay towards the front, make sure nothing got a way or went down in order to stay safe and on my bike.

Ended up finishing with the group so I kept my time, looks like I have some time to make up in tomorrows RR at Perry Dam.

Had a few 5's from Teamupgrade and they all hung on well in the 4 crit.

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