Thursday, June 5, 2014


Racing happened last weekend.  They were crits in KCK.  The main story from the weekend is how Micah hasn't been able to get an upgrade to a cat 4 being a super cx and mtb racers and won the 5 and 4/5 races each day, by a lot, by himself.

I had fun racing the 1/2/3 races.  The whole point to filling this weekend with crit racing is to get the locals ready for the trip to Tulsa. Showing up to Tulsa having it being your first crit of the season is just not a good idea.  Plus no one really felt like driving to OKC or GlencoeGp.

I started looking into cx racing already. That seems to be how it goes.  There is racing every weekend after tulsa within 2 hours of KC through mid-july practically...good races too, but I keep seeing the #CXNats2015 Austin. Another thing, I'll be old then.  Racing age of 30 if I am not mistaken.  So I can race masters, SS, and the elite race...should be fun.

We just got in a bunch of super 2014 focus carbon disc machines...we need them gone before July 15th, when the 2015 super light focus cx bikes arrive.

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