Sunday, April 13, 2014

34 miles in 2 hours. The short version.

Raced Bazaar today.  20mph headwind, a little hot sunny, before long the right mix of 4 got a away, Kevin from Colavita was my only teammate in our 1/2/3 field and he was there.  I followed all the moves that had a cat 3 in them, if Kevin was the 1st cat3 finisher, it's $100 for him, which is just as good as anyone winning the whole race.   1 other guy got a way, another velotek guy, so there we all were left to race for 6th place.

We made it 15 miles south to the cone where we make the 180...started hauling back with our super tailwind, after about 5 minutes, the black wall of clouds had hit us and we were under a hail storm with what seemed like a 40 mph head/cross wind.  Our echelon came down to 3 of us, it was miserable.  Hail was coming at us sideways, so my cycling cap didn't block much, it got cold quick too.

Eventually a truck pulled over by us and yelled at us that we were finishing at the cemetary, due to all the lightning.  This meant we were not going to do the extra 16 miles or so which was good.  I won the sprint between us 3.  

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