Tuesday, January 14, 2014

busy or productive

Last week I read much about the differences between being "busy" and "productive."  The article suggests eliminating the word "busy" from your vocabulary.    I haven't been riding much at all still, just 15-20 miles each day.  I road maybe 30 on saturday, I could feel the loss of fitness.

New work has been done at the 39th st store to make room for the stuff at 18th st.  18th st is now empty, and 39th is full to the max.   Check it.    Doing 40% off all 2012/2013 bikes, jerseys, bibs, jackets, tires,shoes, and helmets! Open 11-6 all week!  

Soon, once things are sold and we get more room, there will be coffee and beer to share, with space to sit and chat.

Next job, in the spring, start working on something like this.

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