Monday, November 25, 2013

Saturday Lost Trail..

I felt good, I was leading after 1/2 lap, then Shadd caught  me and promptly dropped me on the next straight section.  I was battling for 2nd with Austin Elser the next couple laps.  With 1.5 laps to go I double flatted, ripped sidewalls.  I was more than a mile from the pit, the race would have been over by the time I changed bikes.

The course seemed to suit my fitness.  I still have very low power for any pedaling lasting longer than 15 seconds, I am going to work on it.  I have a really hard time with people who know there weaknesses, and ignore them, or worse yet, not even look for there weakness and dwell on the couple positives that they had.  It's there choice, this is supposed to be fun.

People seem to train at things they are good at because well, they are good at them, and they feel good doing things they are good at.  If you start challenging yourself to do things you are not good at, there is tons of more room for improvement...and you will see way more results doing this.

My last 5 races.

Lost Trail=double flat, dnf
Wichita cx=rear flat, last place.
tulsa open sunday=finished
tulsa ss sunday=3rd broke front hub
tulsa open saturday= 17th
tulsa ss saturday=flatted front tire 3rd

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