Monday, November 25, 2013

Pics from Lost Trail and what I was wearing.

It was cold.  Maybe a high of 30 degrees all day, but the north wind made the chill worse.  I dressed pretty light for the race.  I had a swrve swrve bamboo ls shirt on underneath my jersey.  They are awesome.  They have good properties like wool that lets you wear them for a long time and they don't smell.  You can get them at the volker super store for $30, not $40 like they are online. Email me and I'll order the exact stuff you want.    Also had knee warmers and 7" long socks.   I felt fine after 3 minutes of racing.  I only wanted to talk about clothes for a second because I saw a ton of people overdressed. Being overdressed is really uncomfortable for me.  Not only do you have lots of extra weight on your body, you also overheat sooner, you sweat more, and those things make slower.

In the morning, it was even colder.  I road into work with fleece tights on, and the durable cotton pants.  Swrve started selling these over the summer, since I got a pair, they are all I wear.  They also do shorts and knickers. The material stretches really well, 4-way, they are cut and stitched for riding, and the material is strong, so they won't "blow out" after 5,000 miles.

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