Saturday, May 11, 2013

Grove Day 1

It was a wacky race.  Lots of wind.  8 turn figure 8.  Lots of cracks/bumps.  I started at the back, and took a while to get towards the front.

It seemed whoever were riding the front would attack before the corner, then when they get through they would sit up because there was so much wind.  This did not work well for the other 100+ riders trying to stay upright behind them. 

With 3 to go I felt great. Legs were perfect and my heart was barely beating.  There wasn't much attacking as I had hoped, and with 1 to go I was at the front waiting for someone to go.  No one went, so I just rode up there till 3 turns to go, about 1000 meters.  Hoping I wouldn't get swarmed,  I stayed in the wind, but got swarmed anyway and everyone was sprint about 4 wide into the last 2 turns.  I came out of my the last corner in my 11t, as I started my sprint the chain was popping and hopping everywhere, I was passing no one.  I shifted down, but too far, and kept shifting up till I had a good gear.  I got 14th, $10. 

Now we are going to the zoo.

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