Thursday, May 16, 2013

2 other days of grove

Ended 17th and 21st on saturday and sunday.  Both days had kind of the same story.  Not enough turning, no one pulling through, lots of speed changes. 

Picture driving down the highway, 10 lanes, with a 90mph speed limit.  You are steady at 90, with 3 cars in front of you.  All of a sudden the first car slows down to 70, and the other 140 cars on either side of you stay at 90mph, there's no way to move over, to get around the slow car, you are just stuck there, until all the cars doing 90 go around you.  Then the 10 lane highway makes a 90 degree turn, and the 10 lanes change to 2 lanes, so by the time you make it to the turn, you are doing 30mph, driving through the corner fitting 10 cars where only 2 cars could fit.  Plus there were lots of crashes and crazy drivers to maneuver through too.

Then you floor it as fast as you can across the next section to get back to the front only to do the same thing over again.

There were definitely many racers stronger than I this year. Some riding the front the whole time, and getting top 10s each day.  After riding the front on Friday, I thought sitting in more would benefit me, but I was wrong.  You have to ride the front and eat wind the whole time, if you want to guarantee a top spot.  It's just the way that racing worked that weekend.  With the wind, and only a couple turns per lap, it was better for you to just ride at the front.

Got 120tpi clement ush and xplor 35 and 40mm tires arriving tomorrow.  $120/pair.  First come first served.

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