Monday, March 25, 2013

Paid French Canadians to translate it...

There's a lot of grumbling how 2 years ago we could watch all these races on tv, now there are none.  I have 1 friend with a $150/mo sports package that gets a special channel that so far has shown all the Italian races. I'm comfortable with these recaps and watching them live streaming.

People are also grumbling about the kid doing a wheelie over the finish line. .  The kid grew up in a working family, and raced on his sisters super market bike with tennis shoes winning races then.  Now he can do wheelies, minutes before any real PRO gets to the finish line.

I seriously don't believe he gives a damn about any americans calling him classless.   He could ride a bike backwards faster than most of us.

Update on super mountain bike:

I got a light rear paul freeweel hub in.  Hoping to ride it suicide fixed gear...the cog threads on, and there's not 1 thread left to put on a lockring.

I'm ordering an $8 10x1 qr axle to pop into a da track hub I have.  It will work great.   15 lb. mountain bike going to be ready for...this.

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  1. I love these videos, and that $150 is Internet as well, just sayin'