Saturday, March 23, 2013


I have this thing about homework.  It seems to me that trainer time, or indoor work is homework.  It is something I don't do. I honestly have not ridden inside all year, and don't plan to either.  It sucks. It gives me this false sense of work ethic, where the next chance I have to train outside I may slack off knowing I put the time in on the trainer indoors.  Plus it's not fun.

I also have a hard time putting work into my legs on a trainer.  I have always ridden rollers, they feel more realistic if I am out of the saddle or sprinting.   I feel like I'm on my parents exercise bike in the 4th grade when I am on a fluid trainer, it's not real. 

I road 20 miles today. Felt great until I was about 5 miles home.  Fenders only work so good.  If you are going fast, the front wheel shoots the water straight up and you ride straight into it 

Karvs tires are truly amazing. I can't get over the grip, the feel, and the price.  Getting to choose a color isn't a bad deal either, though black is always lighter than the green, red, or white. 23mm, 25mm, 28mm option.  Also, I popped a vittoria xn 700x32 on a wheel and it cleared the back end of the culebro easily....

 Started up a 58cm road frame at the 18th st store today.  It's going to be a saturday gig for a while.  Until the actual racing starts in April. 
 Lugs with 56% silver. 

Front triangle is almost done.  Just gotta get some more flux.

Supposed to be riding 85 miles in the morning.  Got word it's cancelled.  I'll be making waffles and coffee, watching men get paid to ride in these conditions for 5 hours or so.  You are all invited, come over, bonus points if you ride, you can dry/warm your shoes clothes by the fire.

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