Monday, February 4, 2013

Rims are in;

Picture here.

50s are in, 38s in later this week.  I was lucky that when I paid the man, the man had the ud 50s with basalt braking surface in stock, and it only took them 1 week to get the 38s made.  Lucky since Chinese New Year is coming up and if things aren't shipped before then, you don't get product for at least another month.

I have 20/24 280gram/set hubsets for $120.  black or silver.  Build them to the new super wide pacenti road rim, or stan's alpha for lightweight, or velocity a23, or h+son sl42 aero aluminum rims.  Prices are cheap this time of year.

I do have a set of lightly used dati hubs built to 50mm deep, 23mm wide tubulars with cx-ray spokes, all super black for $600, set is lighter than 1200 grams.

Also a set of 38mm 1100 gram wheels with c-4 hubs, cx-ray spokes for $500.

Monday night ride is tonight!  Get outside!

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