Friday, February 1, 2013

Bikes and Rides.

Streetcred is saturday. I'll be there at 18th, but won't be racing.  

I'll have my computer and will be watching the races that are moved to saturday from Sunday.
Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013
8:30-9:30am - Official Training
9:45am - 2013 UCI Men Juniors Cyclo-cross World Championships
11:00am - 2013 UCI Women Cyclo-cross World Championships
11:45am - 12:15pm - Official Training
12:30pm - 2013 UCI Men Under 23 Cyclo-cross World Championships
1:45-2:15pm - Official Training
2:30pm - 2013 UCI Men Elite Cyclo-cross World Championships
Good ride sunday.  1pm leave from 39th volker location, 40-50 miles, fast pace.

There are a lot of bikes out there.  For racing road, I've limited my choices between Jamis and Focus.  Focus has the Izalco and the cayo evo, Jamis has the xenith and the icon.  All 4 of these take 25mm tires easily, the jamis front forks take 28s, but not the backs.   Throw in the idea of hauling my kids trailer around everywhere and I'm leaning 90% towards the icon.  Here it is.

Plus, it's black anodized aluminum  That makes it nice when you throw it on the back car rack of whoever is giving you a ride to the race, and you don't have to worry too much about dents/scratches.

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