Saturday, December 22, 2012


Cross season is winding down and I've been hearing "plans" for road season the past month.  By July all I will be hearing about is the "plans" for cyclocross.  Bike racing is fun, mostly because as seasons change, you get a redo, a start over, start fresh deal.   Most sustainable hobbys have a season.  I don't play video games, or build model cars, but I can see how since there is no season for these activities, there gets to be a burnout and you quit completely, or for a while. 

If you are a planner, cycling should make you happy.  You get to plan out your equipment, your races, your training plans, there are lot's of ways to plan.  I hate planning.  I don't know what I am going to do on my birthday in 4 days and I am ok with that. 

What I do like planning for is equipment.  There are so many options for all kinds of goals. 

Whenever I have a break, like when I am at Melissa's parents house and the kids are in there bath, I look at 


Pretty Hubs.

Di2, Quarq, 65ton carbon,

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