Friday, December 28, 2012


I talked a little about mountain biking today.  I usually do about once a week, about how I'm going to do some mtn biking later that weekend, sad to say it hasn't happened, in over a year, to just go ride.

I've been waiting to get a bling ring, 32t, but realized I could get this instead.  I'd have to buy the whole crank though, which is fine, I've been need to get one anyway, and the xx1 crankset is actually cheaper than the xo I had my eye on.

Not doing 11 speed though, you'll notice that it says 1x9-11 compatible, so hopefully it works...without a chainguard.

Going to use a superlight 11-32 xg-999 9 speed cassette, 170 grams, cost $180, then a short cage xo derailleur that was $150.  Way less money and way less weight than the xx1 group, plus I don't have to get new wheels.

Mountain biking might actually happen, once the crank gets ordered, once I get some money to get this crank.  Come see me at 39th between 10-4 Saturday, tomorrow.  Skratch labs, 40 servings for $15 in orange and limes/lemons, plus tons of tires/lights/gloves/tubes, whatever you need. CHECK IT OUT.

I'd like to sell my cx bike too.  Who's got $2500 for a 13lb. cx bike with carbon tubulars?

If you missed the race this morning, read this and watch the videos.

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