Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boxing Day

Plan was to wake up at 8, watch zolder, leave the inlaws at 9am, get to kc at 11:40, get to the store at 11:50, grab my ss bike, go to the bank, get back to my house and changed, and out to the race before 1 to race at 1:15.

Plan didn't work and we ended up putting the car in park as the open race was taking off.   So I road around with Benon for a bit and waited for the ss race to start.

Fortunately enough I pre-road it.  Had I lined up in the open race with out a practice lap I might have died.

 The course was very good, well thought out, with lots of technical surprises.  On turn 7 I believe, was a nasty slick corner, I ate it hard on the warm up lap, and knew to dismount behind Mark Horn while he ate it just as hard as I did in practice, I ran around him on the outside, while Summers took the faster inside line, and he took off. After a few muddy corners there's this sweet little drop into a nice ride up.  I road it easily on the practice lap with no speed and watched Summers dismount and run while I road it and got by for a while.  Eventually there were 4 of us together with 1 to go.

Jeff was putting pressure on all of us, he had super tires on, along with summers.  Good mud tires while I had a bald grifo on the front and a small black eight on the back, both clinchers, 42psi...not very good set up for this race.

Jeff got a gap on a little slick off camber 180 and the race was on to catch him.  I let Summers and Boyce by me to chase and we dropped into the drop fine, but then James ran the ride up again, which seemed to take Boyce by suprise as he was half way up riding and stopped, I started to ride up the side but got bumped and stopped, I couldn't get going fast again with less than 1/2 a lap to go, I wasn't feeling very good at this point so I cooled down again.

2 more races, see the flyers here,

Deals HERE!

I've got oreo bday cake and sparkline wine at my house, come on by.

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