Monday, October 22, 2012

Joules Cyclocross Day 2

Course seemed faster, which made you want to go harder, hurt yourself worse.  In the early ss race, My bars slipped on the down/up section on the backside.  Since the course was reversed, it had a less steep descent into a steep run/ride up.  I could ride it up to almost the top, then dismount and take two steps to finish.  It might have been a hair slower than Joe at Cycle City who ran the hole thing, but I felt like I was saving some energy because the next section was some hard climbing on a ss.

I road in the drops for the next 3 laps, hoping that the stem wouldn't get any more loose, but it did.  Eventually so loose that the bolts were probably going to fall out, so I stopped in the pit, and spent some time tightening it back up.  Joe had a good 40 seconds on me now, 2nd place blvd rider had probably 15 seconds.  There were 3 laps to go when I went through the start finish, so I decided to make it a race and go hard.  I felt pretty good, guessing it was because I didn't ride that much on saturday and might have felt rested.

I ended up getting 2nd to Joe, he still had good time on me by the end of the race.

There was plenty of time between the ss and open race again, Local cycling let me borrow some tools so I could monkey with my chainring/chainguard to make it so the chain wouldn't get stuck between each other.  It worked, and I didn't have any problems with my chain.

The race started, there weren't many of us, a new guy, Jensen, me, then buta were off early.  New guy was going good, even with the wind, eventually after a lap I bobbled the up/down section, the 3 road a way, they might have had 4-5 seconds for a while, but by the time they reached the first turn after the start/finish line, buta attacked, Jensen followed, and new guy was stuck between me and Jensen.
I didn't feel that great, I don't think anyone did, I felt hot, and there was lots of dust .

The course was super fast, you didn't have to brake much at all.  I ended up 4th, after a hard crash, Micah got away, but I pulled him back with 3 to go and jumped him before we got to 1 to go on the hill before the start/finish. 

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