Saturday, October 20, 2012

Joules CX Day 1.

This is Joules 3rd year of existing.  They've dialed it in it seems.  The course is wide open, lots of opportunities to pass and plenty of room to find good lines.  I think this would be a really great course for mud.

It was pretty windy, it seemed all the uphill sections had a tailwind and the downhill sections had a
headwind.  For $5 donation they had tons of food to eat, which made it nice since there weren't any restaurants near by too.

There's a big bounce castle, which occupied our kids for half the day it seemed.

The ss race was good, we started behind the 4s and went through them pretty easily.  It seemed like a really long race, when I saw 3 to go I thought that was too much.

The open race started at 3:15, I might have eaten a little too much pizza before it.  I do not like waiting between races, my legs were not ready to go again after stopping for so long.  We start going, Brian Jensen took the lead, Buta chased him while Kent and I followed a little behind.  I dropped my chain, got it on and chased some more when David N. caught me, he passed me pulling through the headwind/downhill section when the next turn the chain came off again.  Little while later Andrew on his single speed caught me, and we went for a few turns and through the start/finish, drain dropped again. I road the rest of that lap and stopped after that one.  

I'll be back sunday, if you are interested in seeing some super mud fmb tubulars, I'll have a few to show/sell, find me.

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