Monday, October 29, 2012

Boss Cross #4 and Sand Video.

I won the ss race, lined up for the open.  Coe, Dan Miller, and Shadd Smith were there. I figured I'd finish behind these guys.  I had a great start behind Bill Marshall and Shadd Smith when I heard a clunk/clunk and felt my chain fall into the 11t, I tried shifting but there was no shifting.  I coasted off the course and stopped to fix.

It looked like someone who was riding next to me may have got there skewer or pedal stuck into the rear derailleur housing loop, popping it out of the cable stop, took a while to fix, by the time I got going there was no one insight for a while.  I started going again and started passing people.  Eventually with 2 to go I was with Evan Fast and we were closing on 5th place Marshall, KCCX.  Last time through the sand I felt my chain popping out of place, all the sand was getting in my rear wheel/cogs and there wasn't a way to pedal coming out of the sand.  I stopped to fix it and rolled in for 7th.

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  1. You're right that someone (me) got a wheel into your cable housing. You were half a bike length ahead of me on my left at the start and I felt someone bump me on the right, which put my front wheel into your cable housing. It was loud enough I was worried I put my wheel into your derailleur and blew up my wheel and your derailleur. Sorry about that!

    Great working racing back on and finishing well!