Saturday, October 27, 2012


Super fun, flowy, fast turny course.  There were two long straight sections that I hated, but the rest of it, 99% of it was great.

The ss race got off to a fast start.  Joe and I road pretty hard and after 3 laps we were passing the cat 3 leader Funk.   I ended up winning, I attacked the big barriers and road hard the rest of the technical sections until the long straight section and by then I had a good gap.  Joe ended up rolling a dugast off the rim tape, rim tape still glued to the rim...

Open race was hard for me.  I was lucky I could take the corners quick.  If the corners were more acute, or stiffer, I'd have no power to come out of them to get back up to speed.

After a lap I was in 4th chasing Brian and Tom Price, Joe S. already had a good gap.  Andrew and I road together for a while, when we caught Brian, Andrew passed him, and Brian crashed in front of me before the finish line, I got around and chased but eventually Andrew got more time. I bobbled a corner again, that little 180 into a 180 on the off camber mound and lost even more time, I was relegated to race with Brian for 4th.  We traded battles, I eventually took the lead for a couple laps, and attacked as hard as I could going over the big barriers, but botched the next turn where there is a pavement path with a curb that I hit.  Brian attacked and I caught him after a few turns, he kept the pressure on and held onto the lead for the 4th spot.

More of what happeded at bc #3 here.

Another guy saying disc brakes suck.

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