Monday, October 1, 2012


Sunday, I felt bad.  I was hungry but couldn't find anything I wanted to eat.  The single speed race didn't work out.  Somehow my bike got all messed up between saturday and sunday and it wouldn't stay together during the first lap of the race.  I ended up doing 3 laps, maybe 4, trying to get a feel for the course running backwards.

The open race was huge. twice as many starters as saturday, with fast guys from Omaha.  The start was hard, we got going quick, I think I was 8th into the sand and decided to run and not risk anyone in front of me crashing.  After a lap, I was a couple seconds off a 3 man chase group who were chasing down Schmaltz in first and Buta in 2nd when I road my bike into a big tree.  It didn't feel good, and the last 8 laps kind of sucked physically.

I ended up getting 8th place, which I don't feel is bad, but I was there, and then I wasn't. That is frustrating.

I get that cross is frustrating.  It is a tough love affair, that leaves you empty more often than not.  I do not think it is ok for people to blame other people for any misfortunes in racing.  It's racing, you choose to do it, you choose to take the risks involved.  It's ok to yell, but don't yell at others, even if you think it's not your fault.  You'll get em next time.

Some good video and words here.

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