Saturday, September 29, 2012


This course is awesome. Super fast, superfast.

More info can be found at BOSS CROSS!

The single speed race started behind the 3s.  By the time I saw 1 to go, I had past 30 riders, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd were still ahead.  I won the ss race, didn't feel too bad to start the open. 

The open start seemed pretty fast.  Schmaltz was killing us and Elwell was getting out of his saddle out of every corner to stay on his wheel.  Eventually I started to get gapped, but I still had good space between me and 4th place . With 1 to go, Brocket was gaining ground on me, I thought I was gaining on Elwell but nothing close enough to consider taking any risks. 

There is a little hill that goes up, then 2 small barriers, here I cracked my saddle and bent the seatpost somehow bunnyhopping.  This also lead to me slamming my knee, dropping the chain, and popping my front wheel off for some reason.  By the time I was going again, my gap was gone, my knee hurt, and I had 3 minutes left of riding to finish.  I ended up 4th, got $40, and redeemed some bad scores from last week.

Don't miss it tomorrow.  Super good race.  Chili and chips were there too, plus water!MMMmmmmMMMM.

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