Sunday, June 10, 2012

TT Day #2. Brady District.

Felt bad all day.  I woke up a lot more sore than I had expected.  There was a big scramble to get to the starting line, think 130 guys wanted the first row, lots of bumping right at first.  This is where I got my back brake moved a bit.  I should have checked it, for we had 8 minutes to stand there and wait for the start.  I noticed the first turn out of the saddle that the wheel was rubbing.  The brake was right on the rim and if I pedaled hard, it'd rub, the rims are wide and stiff, but I think the hub was  a bit lose.  I had already set the brake on the "open" setting since I didn't need the adjustment to move the wheel.

The race felt awful. Really uncomfortable the first 30 minutes.  It was here that I looked down to see my hr and my garmin was never turned on.  I got it going.

The speeds felt very exaggerated.   I uploaded the strava and was surprised to see we were doing 22mph going through the first turn.  100 riders back it felt like 12mph.  There was a huge slinky effect, super hard to pedal out of the corners after breaking scrubbing so much speed.   It would get 7 wide going through the first corner, then go single file in a second. That seemed to be the place for attacks since there was a good wind blowing you up the hill.  It wasn't until minute 50 of the 70 minute race that the race picked up and I was comfortable.  The faster it got, the better I felt.  There were 2 guys up the road, I think by the time there were 8 to go.  Pretty away and the CA riders were not doing anything to bring it back.  I finally saw the front with 5 to go and stayed in the top 30 or until I crashed with 2 corners to go.  I will wait to see the video, but it looked like I was just going a little too fast, and putting bad weight onto the inside, there was a slight bit of swerving in front and I either clipped a pedal or started sliding my tire.  I slid pretty hard on my side, then on my feet, then landed again even harder on my hip.  Pedaling muscles feel good now, but skin isn't.  Bike is fine after 2 days of wrecking in a row.  Wheels are still perfectly true, just some scrapes on my left shifter, guess I was lucky.

results here.

Ended up 59th, which really isn't that bad, but could have been top 30 easily, still only paid 20 places so 30th place or 100th place gives you the same.

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