Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blue Dome with video.

Flatish crit with a slight uphill midway through the course.  There was supposed to be a little wind, maybe 8mph, but there was plenty of coverage with all the buildings.  It started out fast and stayed that way till about 6 to go.  "Teams" started trying to set a tempo at the front, before we were riding at a fast pace, we dropped maybe 2 mph and instead of 3 wide through the corners, we started fighting for position and going through at 8 wide. There were a few crashes. Guys who were riding the back who were losing position from fatigue all of a sudden were jumping up positions.  Finally with 3 to go, I was moving up towards around 20th position, a guy crashed right in front of me, it looked odd, we were making a left turn and somehow his bike and body was being tossed into us from the crowd, I locked my brakes rolling my tire, then the guy kick his bike off himself into me and I went over my bars.   By now I had been doing so much skidding that I was going slow enough that crashing wasn't going to hurt. Just a little dirt and my left wrist is sore.  

I lost a brake pad too, after riding back to Joe's hotel to get glue and brush(he was the only one coming prepared) to reglue my tubular I noticed the pad missing as I was bombing down a hill ghost riding my wife's bike.  Luckily I figured how to ride backwards and stop.

This Man won my race, don't ask what he was doing in the 1/2 race from CA when there was a P1 race going.

Results here.

44.50 is where the crash was, you don't see it though. This is helmet cam.

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