Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Racing Season.

I road this morning again. This time I had my garmin and hr.  With all this new technology, it is really easy to hold yourself accountable, especially when everyone else is able to see it.  I'm pretty sure yesterday when I got up and road early for 15 minutes, I didn't hit 140 for hr.  I was surprised to finish 3 or 4 sprints and still hadn't hit 140 this morning, so I had to go harder and harder.

I'm not exactly sure why I think its a good idea to wake up and ride as hard as you can for 15 minutes, I do have weight to lose, and this is one way of shooting up your metabolism.  Also, there are 3 big races this week, I want to keep my hr in good condition without making my legs too tired, so riding hard for 15 minutes is what I'm doing, then I just do normal trailer rides or grocery runs during the day.

Tour of Lawrence is only a few weeks away.   It is not really an "A" race for me, but I did say to myself last year that it would have been very cool to be in the first or 2nd group of that race, not getting lapped by them, so that's been my silent goal this year. 

I just ordered this Chain Guide.   Its 20 grams, for the 29er once the bling ring shows up.  Should have a 17 lb. 1x9 29er when I'm done.  Also, stan's is selling 28h crest and arch ex rims, going 8 spokes less saves you 40 grams!  Buy a set of these, and pay me $250, you will have a sub 1450 gram 29er wheelset.

If the chain guide works good, may throw it on my cx bike, so far the 14.3 lb. bike is on track to drop another lb. for the fall. 

I've added gravel worlds to my calendar.  Its a free race where you can chug a beer and not have people look at you like you are retarded. Plus it gives me an excuse to have a cx bike built before the end of august.  Everyone should go.

I've added 2 races to the cal
6-8,9,10 Tulsa Tough
6-22-24 Tour of KC
6-30 Lawrence Circuit
7-1 Lawrence Crit
7-21Colavita Cross Country Challenge. Click for info!
7-22 Urban Mountain Bike Criterium in Kansas City
8-18 Gravel Worlds Lincoln, NE  Click for info.

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