Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Active Recovery

I road for 8 minutes last night after the kids went to bed.  My legs felt really heavy so I left it in the smallest gear and spun as fast as I could.  I felt really healthy after this 8 minute ride.  I need to look more into recovery, its the one thing I truly do not have patience for.   If I have time to ride, I'm going to ride hard.  Probably going to do some googling to find out how pedaling easy will make me pedal harder.  Probably look up some articles on stretching while I'm at it.

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    Summing Up
    I was asked once on a forum whether active recovery was better than passive recovery which is what led to this article. I told the person basically this which sums up this piece “Done properly, active recovery is better than passive recovery under most circumstances. But if you can’t do active recovery right, passive recovery is better.”