Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A few things.

1st things FIRST.
RACE!   Big payout, big prizes, its in Kansas City, its gonna be BIG!

These wheels are really fun to ride.  1460 grams, 23mm wide clinchers, 29mm tires.  $500.

This is happening.  If you are free, you should go.  It sounds like they give you lunch. 

I'll be selling my spooky havocstaff after July 4th.  I didn't race any road in 2011 after that date, doubt I will this year.  I'll need the money to pay for cyclocross.  Its an awesome bike, I'll be buying another next february if there are any left.  I just hate having a frame hung up for 6 months when someone cool like you could be riding it.  Comes with headset and pf30 bb for $550.  No nicks or dents.  57mm eff tt.  155mm head tube. 

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