Monday, June 18, 2012

Cold Coffee.

Iced coffee is pretty easy to make.  It keeps you from needing to heat up your coffee, which adds heat to your house when it is already hot outside.

There are plenty of cold brew recipes, lots of ratios, time frames, to stir or not to people.  Here's what I do.
A good man sent me this article.  Makes me say that the 15% ratio is the way to go. 
25g coffee  to  166.6g water
If you have a scale to measure light bike parts, then this can come in handy here.

Coarse drip plus grind is what you need.  Again, many people will scream and shout about different types of grinds, what they prefer for best extraction,  it doesn't matter as long as you like what you drink.  

I have a french press, its made of metal, nissan makes it, I bought it from amazon and have dropped plenty of times, it hasn't broke.  I bought it after breaking 4 or so glass french press pots.

If you don't have a french press, there are plenty of ways to filter the beans. 

Start with a container and fill it with the beans, after you grind them.  Then put the necessary amount of water in it.  Let is set for a few minutes.  The water can be chilled, or room temperature, whatever, I don't care.
After a few minutes, take a spoon and gently push the grounds down, submerging them back into the water.  Wait a few more minutes do it again. 

Typical cold brew methods hope for 12-24hours of brewing time.  At this point, I put the container in the fridge and let sit till I'm thirsty. 

When you are ready to drink, put some ice in a cup, fill it with 80% coffee, and 20% water, or 70/30, or 60/40, whatever, and drink.   If find it best to drink the coffee when I wake up, the make another batch immediately after drinking and it will be ready the next morning.

If you do not have a french press to filter the coffee, you could just pour the coffee through the filter of your coffee maker.


  1. Chemex pore over glass drip is really a good coffee for iced as well. It needs a medium course/fine grind and the water not boiling but hot to make.

  2. Yes, my babies will be working in the coal mine by the time I have a chemex in my house.

  3. Ha!! You probably would break it before you pulled it out of the box anyways. Don't think they make a stainless steel version. I've broken one already.