Tuesday, May 22, 2012

100 miles

Joe and I were at the bike to work week after party, explaining to a new cyclist how easy it is to ride 100 miles.  You pick a route, you pick a goal, you pick a day, you pack some food and go.  She said she was unsure of her abilities.  She knows she can do it, she seemed more afraid than humble.  I had a few words for her on how she could complete a century.

3 ways to do it.

1. My favorite way.  Pick a flat route with a destination about 50 miles away.  Depending on where you start from kc, Lawrence is a great destination.  I truly have a hard time riding anywhere without a destination, a reason to ride.  You get good sleep, leave when the temperature is comfortable, and try to make the 44-50 mile ride in about 3 hours.  Then you stop at your favorite place, wash your face and hands, sit down, eat a burger or some good food, have a beer, drink some coffee, then head back.  You get 1-2 hour break, so really you are riding 2 50 mile rides.   It breaks up the work and since you have a destination, you have a goal and your brain works harder to get there.  If you just go out saying you are going to ride till you computer says 100, then good luck, that's really hard to do.

2. Easier way, if you have a full day, maybe ride 60 miles, get home, take  shower, a nap, then go out and ride 40.  Boom a century.  You'd probably do this quicker than if you stopped every 20 miles for a food break.

3. Pick a day with little wind, good weather, and find a buddy to ride with.  Hopefully the buddy is as fast or faster than you so they won't slow you down.  Go out and slam 100 miles quickly.  Maybe 2 stops, short stops to refill bottles and grab candy.  Think to yourself, the faster you go, the faster you get home, showered, and feet up on the couch.

Just go out and do it. 100 miles isn't that far. Set an alarm, wake up, and start riding.


  1. I like participating in events like the MS150 with friends and family. You get rest stops with food/water/bathrooms every 10 miles usually. Tour de Lakes is another good one. Not quite 100 but you can always get add a few miles to the end! This year the Tour de Lakes ends as the Tour of KC Longview criterium is starting.

  2. #3 is by far the best in my book. You can ride 100 and get home in time for lunch this way.

    It is, however, an undeniable fact that riding K-32 to Lawrence, eating at the Burger Stand and taking a southerly route back is about 100, and probably the best way to spend a summer day I can think of.