Thursday, May 17, 2012


Racing is fun. I think the most fun about racing is the idea that you have no idea what's going to happen next.  There's a surprise around the next corner.  Especially crit racing, where there are 120 racers, all trying to do the same thing, all planning the same thing. 

I hate plans.

I hate seeing a team of cat 4s lining up, discussing strategy, who's going to attack, who's leading out who, who's going to ride the front for 20 minutes for no reason other than to say that he could, or pretend he was working for his team.

Its retarded.

There are a million variables that go into racing.  Saying you are going to sit in the whole day, then attack with 3 to go because you can't sprint, and your coach says you have great 10 minute power makes me scratch my head.

There are lots of variables in racing.

I'm a really big fan of discussing the course, the wind, the heat, the other teams that showed up,  cracks and potholes in the pavement, the off camber turns, the trees poking out into the course, there's a lot variables that impact 100 decisions made by 100 riders.

Most riders are saying, stay out of the wind, don't ride the front, stay towards the front, don't be behind the guys who look like they can't turn, stay towards the front, stay towards the front, get towards the front going into the last corner, sprint.

If you say you are going to attack at 3 to go, and a group goes at 4 to go, and you watch them go saying you have to stick to your plan, that's stupid.  What's the point of planning at that point.  Go race, make good decisions, keep your head up, be smart.


  1. Hey asshole, i was a cat 4 who organized a pow wow last year with my fellow 4's before the tour of kc.

    you're on my shit list now.

    you're going to get a big knuckle sandwich.

  2. SC organized, are you kidding yourself... -Don't shoot you're eyes out kid!