Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The title of THIS caught my attention. I was interested to see what it said.

Of the 10 things listed, I only fall under 1 of those things, number 8, and I never realized why I did it until now.

This article got me thinking that I am not as serious of a cyclist as I thought, or at least, my serious level is slipping.

Have I ridden my bike in the last 7 days? No.

Have I thought about riding my bike in the last 7 days? Yes.

Does the weather dictate whether or not you go for on a training ride? Yes.

Does the sum of all my families medical bills for 2011 value more than my entire bike/racing budget? Yes.

Do you do odd things through out the day simply because you believe they will make you faster? Yes.

What's the definition of a cyclist anyway. Road, cx, mtb, commuter. It seems the label is defined by the user. To some, a person who rides there hybrid 5 miles at the park once a week is a cyclist. To others, people who ride 5,000 miles a year (about 100 miles/week) wouldn't be considered a cyclist. Its weird.

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  1. I raced hard for 5 years and then took 14 years off for school and kids. During those off years, I still considered myself a cyclist, because I love the sport and I watched The Tour every year.