Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mountain Bike

I built my d29 carbon jamis up ss on saturday. 17.9 lbs with pedals and I even left the big chainring on the crank.

Nothing crazy for the build, crest rims, barro race tnt tires, x9 aluminum crank with both rings, pancake brakes, easton ec90 post, ritchey wcs alloy flat bars, ritchey alloy 260 stem, even a little tensioner...oh I guess 1 crazy thing, THIS. I tried selling it new for $300, it didn't go, so it went to my bike.

I've been writing about how it sucks I can't get a 32-36t chainring for my 1x9 setup with bb30 cranks because of the stupid 120/80 bolt pattern.

Turns out, Home Brewed Components has had this problem sorted out this whole time.

They've got a 120mm bashguard and 80mmbcd rings from 32-36 in different colors.

I will hopefully opt for the spiderless ring on a bb30 crank. This will save a ton of weight with an mrp 1x guard.

Should be no more than 19lbs 1x9 with 11-32 pg980 cassette. If I want to save weight, I can drop a pound going to barro race folding tires or stan's raven tubeless tires. Or I could get the stan's gold wheelset, dropping 1/2 lb.

One day, there will be M35 Cranks.

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