Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Road Season

Here's my hope for the road season. Lots of sunday only racing until I hit herman/martin where I hope to be fast. Then I'll try to be fast tour of kc/lawrence. Look out for some "gran fondo drop rides" to happen to fill the weekends I'm not racing.

2-26 Froze Toes
3-4 Perry RR
3-11 Perry RR
3-18 Perry RR

4-1 Perry Roubaix
4-7 Colavita Crocodile Rock, Perry Lake MTB RACE.
4-15 Bazaar RR
4-21,22 Tour of Herman
4-25-29 Joe Martin
5-6 Auburn RR
5-11,12 Tour de grove.
6-2-3 Riverfest crits, wichita.
6-8,9,10 Tulsa Tough
6-22-24 Tour of KC
6-30 Lawrence Circuit
7-1 Lawrence Crit

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