Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More on Dieting.

HERE is a lot more info. on dieting.

The main thing I am taking from this is the H20. Drinking lots of it will help curb my appetite. I know this. I plan on drinking 14oz before each big meal and drinking 8oz before I put anything in my mouth. I am home with 2 babies 4 days a week, it is hard not to eat all day, since I am feeding those babies all day. Making myself abide by the H2O rule will help I think.

Sleep is also pretty important. I do need this, I get up a few times every night. It is hard to go to bed at a consistent time. Especially since the 5 month old does what he wants.

In a perfect world, I would lay down at 10pm, and wake up at 6am with a couple of interruptions. Then do 1/2 hour of exercise, maybe running, or stair jumps, or planks, anything.

The drink coffee and eat something. I am trying not to eat carbs like cereal and oatmeal, so I a looking for alternatives. Usually its fruit, banana most likely. Maybe I need to start making eggs.

Then mid mourning yogurt/fruit snack.

Lunch. Soup sound good. I have really bad blood pressure, last time it was 161 over 90. I'm trying to stay away from sodium, most soups and instant meals has it, lots of it.

Afternoon nap. Are you serious? Maybe if the stars align right, I get both babies asleep and there isn't a mountain of work to do. Grown ups don't take naps, not real grownups. If any grown up has a shot at this, I do.

I never drink coffee after 4, actually, never after 2, but I will drink green tea till 4.

This article claims from 4pm to 8pm is the best time for workout, to improve muscles. I remember my friend in college, he played d2 ball, he claimed that lifting early in the morning is best. I don't really care, any work is better than no work.

With dinner add flaxseed and fish oil. I have flaxseed and use it, this shouldn't be so hard.

Gotta stretch more this year too. I'm doing more running and on certain days I can't run I spend time doing lunges, stair jumps, you know, stuff that makes you sore. So stretching a few times a day is another goal.

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