Friday, December 23, 2011

#Rapha500 Day 1. 86 miles.

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Started the ride on pavement with 10mph nw wind and 29d temps. I felt pretty good getting started. I started east. Towards Big Hill Lake. Found some dirt and road it for a while. Riding 2 y/o vittoria pave tires didn't increase my confidence on dirt, with rocks everywhere, without a pump. Eventually hitting pavement, after a few detours(I don't really have a route today, just going, and turning where I feel like turning.)

Started taking sips of Accelerade at mile 20, then a banana at 35. Legs started feeling the pain eat 50. Racing cyclocross all year, with 1 ride over 2 hours in the past 4 months made this one a real eye opener.

Riding solo is different than I anticipated. I expected to shout out screams of pain at mile 70, I did, but not like I had anticipated.

Roads down here are pretty flat. 55mph speed limits with small shoulders. I was passed by 7 cars today before I got to the highway 8 miles from my destination. Not much to complain about except the 80million giant dogs that ran at me.

Starting out heading west tomorrow.

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