Friday, December 23, 2011

#Rapha500 Challenge

I'm in southeast Kansas, staying with my wife's parents for Christmas. I've got 4 days, fri-mon where I have a couple hours each day to ride. My good days are the 23rd, today, and the 26th, my birthday. Then I might get an hour or two each night till friday.

I think the motivation to complete this challenge is finding new roads. Dirt roads, turny roads, paved, and bumpy. Just ride places I've never been to. That is the purpose. Knowing that I will probably not ride these roads again makes it even more special.

I have a hard time riding for hours, let alone days in a row. My attention span lasts about 2 hours before I just want to be done. Plus these rides will be solo. I haven't been on a solo ride that lasted longer than an hour in about 4 years.

I have twitter now, brkusiak.

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  1. Wish I could ride with you.. Have a great holiday Britton & the rest of the Kusiak Family =)