Thursday, December 8, 2011


I ran for 20 minutes last night and then did about 10 minutes of jumping stairs. I'm pretty sore this morning. Shows how out of shape I'm in.

I read a lot about dieting last night. The interesting one was on the Paleo Diet. The arugement about what we ate 10,000 years ago vs. millions of years ago interests me, vs. what americans have been eating in the last 100 years.

After reading all that, it makes me not want processed grains. I'm usually a big cereal eater, and I make probably 2 nutella/jelly sandwhiches a day. Plus pizza, I probably eat it 3 times a week.

It seems today, everything processed and packaged in a box, taistes like plastic. It probably has plastic in it. Even milk shakes from mcdonalds might even have plastic in it.

I find it so hard to make an investment into a diet. It basically comes down to costs and cereal, bread, nutella, jelly are way cheaper than fresh fruit/vegatables/meats.

Cyclists have no problem spending $$ on gas to races, races, bikes, parts, clothing, but how many spend the $$ on food? It does get expensive.

You start eating 4oz of salmon every night and it will add up to the costs of 303s pretty quick.

I'm not subscribing to the paleo diet, but I will be buying more bananas, fruits, vegatables at the grocery store.

Here is Friel's guide to the Paleo diet. It lets you eat more carbs to recover which makes sense. Then the rest of the day you eat the paleo stuff.


  1. Really hard to eat right when you're a college student living off government loans; or raising a two kids, running two businesses, paying back student loans, maintaining a marriage, and still riding at an open level at local CX races and R2 level regionally; or just in general if you aren't single and make over 50k a year.

    Food prices in this country are just plain stupid. The healthiest food for you is the most expensive and the crappiest food for you is the cheapest. It is literally cheaper to eat at McDonalds off the dollar menu than it is to go to the freaking store. Corn (and/or its SYRUP) is in 75% of the items available in typical grocery stores. Unfortunately, I know this, and can do nothing about it cause of simple economics. I think the majority of people who have to eat crap food because of economics really, truly do want to eat healthy; they just can't afford to. The ones who don't are likely nutritionally uninformed, probably from their childhood social situation, or are just stupid adults who can't take care of themselves.

    Personally, I've been eating way less red meat, a lot more brown rice, more beans of all types, way less sugar/junk food, and way, way, way more fresh vegetables this year since I've moved in with a vegetarian. I've noticed I've maintained my weight fairly decently since the leg break because my vegetarian roommate has been doing all the grocery shopping and I can't buy everything I want, and/or impulse buy the crap I see in the store. I still crave sugar though...

    Since I have a reliable job around here for awhile now, I plan to have my garden plot running hard this year. The compost pile is already burning hard out back of the house. You got a little box of greens out of my plot last spring before I left for the summer but this year I want to be able to do that every week for 4-5 months for you and other Team Colavita guys. any interest?

  2. The government has been trying to poison us with the food guide pyramid for years!