Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hard Courses.

What is the mentality of the average cx racer. Someone who would actually own that label. How do they look at courses, what do they say about them? All I ever hear about is how hard a certain section is or how dangerous a certain obstacle was. CX is supposed to be hard. Its supposed to wear you out so bad in 1 hour that you don't want to look at a bike for a few days let alone pedal. I'm tired of the grumbling.

You say you don't like that little 30m section of sand? How about a whole course, of sand. A 200meter drop, on sand, then turn around and run back up...

Some superprestige action. Please watch.

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1 comment:

  1. No thanks, I know what I'm good at, and the 200m climb up a sandy mountain wouldn't be my best skill. If someone around here designed a course like this, they'll awaken beside a horse head. HA!

    I get your frustration, but for me, this season, the first 4 races were a major shock to the system. I didn't remember racing hurting that bad, and I'm sure I complained to anyone who would listen. Now, my body's used to it, and each race is just another day in the saddle.

    I'd probably consider myself the "average joe", so I'll own it. As to how I look at the course...on my pre-lap I'm looking for a few things. One, which way do I go, I don't want to be confused at race pace, Two how fast can I take the turns, Three can I ride obstacle xyz, Four where is my competition going to slow down and how do I go harder through that section then them. Five, what's going to be my weakest part of the course, so I can remember to just focus on getting through it smoothly.

    I'm sure the posting was a general statement, but I'll own some blame, because I know I moaned a fair bit the first couple weeks.