Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2011 Jamis Bosanova Review.

This review is long over due. I've been riding the Bosanova for about 18 months. I have more miles on this thing than any other bike I've owned. About 7000 miles right now. Have I had to replace any parts, no, have I have had a flat, no, have I broke anything, no, well...I did crack the rear fend while bunny hopping a curb, other than that, this bike is spectacular. Not only were those 7000 miles hard, they were heavey. Me with my 32 lb. kid on it, plus the rack/seat...going pretty hard on roads like Cambridge, SW Blvd, Paseo, 39th, broadway, all roads with cracks/curbs.

I've put a little chain-l on the chain about once a month and other than that, there has been no service needed other than air in the tires. The tires on this thing are phenomenal. The first time I saw this thing I new I'd be pinch flatting all the time with 700x28 tires on it, I was wrong. This bike comes stock with 25mm wide rims, thus making pinchflatting obsolete, even while running 45psi with the kid on the bike. They do have all the miles(7000) and have not flatted.

Vittoria Randonneur Cross with Double-Shield puncture protection, 700 x 28c

So far I have not had to make any adjustments to the bike, haven't had to true wheels or regrease anything. The bottom bracket has never made a sound and still rolls smooth.

Handling the bike is great, it is different geometry from the aurora models(Jamis touring bikes), it is cyclocross ready. If you want a 24lb. racing cx disc bike, just take the fenders off and get muddy.

I ride sram red on my race carbon road bike, going from that to tiagra 9 speed took some getting used to, but no time did the tiagra dissapoint me. Always shifting well, even under loads.

When I first started riding this bike, I planned on going on it for about 6 months, get through the winter and then clean it up to sell. I doubt I'll ever want to sell this thing.

The 2012 bikes have upgraded tiagra parts with 10 speed now. Retail is $1275, get it at volker for less. They will be available to order soon. click.

A few sizes in the 2011 model are still available at a fantastic price.

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  1. Good review Britton. That looks like a perfect commuter bike. Let me know when the new ones come in!