Thursday, September 29, 2011


Doubling up both days at Manions had me on the bike for about 3 hours both days. It was a blast, I didn't feel too bad monday so the weekly recovery ride was a little harder, I had my 30lb. baby bike with benon on it, so 60 lb bike vs. a 17 lb. bike made for a training ride which was ok with me. Over 1 hour on the bike there, then tuesday hit me good. I was pretty sore. Still raced the universe race on my ss bike and won. The course this time was pretty awesome, except the long brick descent on a public road....

Next week is on SWAYZE on Wednesday. It should be good. Really good. I'll probably have tuesday as a recovery day since I normally feel fine a day after the racing, its the 2nd day that hurts.

BOSSCROSS is this weekend. Its the best race in KC. 60 minute open race, after a 40 minute ss race, it will be hard!

I'm looking for a baby sitter, for 12:30 to 3 to watch Benon. Any body out there?

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