Friday, September 16, 2011


Practice went pretty good last night. We had some barriers and used them in the fast sections of the course. I don't really agree with clinic, going around practicing the same thing over and over again. My mind doesn't do that well, it gets old fast and I quit trying hard.

What we did was 3 sets of 10 minute races. Even though they were 10 minutes, I raced them like I would race a 60 minute race. Gotta get my mind into racing the whole 60 minutes, not just the first 20 minutes and then exploding.

Back to practice. The barriers and runups were really hard. I went through them as fast as possible, but still lost some balance at full speed. It will take some time to get it right, but rather than practicing it over and over again at a slow speed, I'll just pray over my bike and hope I get it next week.

I really like the stan's 28h 1300 gram clincher tubeless wheelset I made for my single speed. Tubeless with piranhas is really good, I'm having hard time considering the cost of new carbon wheels and tubular tires, I will save 1 lb. of weight at least....but the braking isn't as good an adding another $1k to my bike kind of sucks.

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