Saturday, September 17, 2011


GEEZ, october is less than 2 weeks away. That means, Berryman is coming up fast. I'm guessing I should start training on it. Doing a bunch of cx 45 minute workouts won't exactly have me ready for a 5 hour mtn. ride will it?

These are coming wednesday.

They are loaners for the next month. It will be nice to see how a 24h dt swiss hub and carbon rim feel compared to the 32h stan's wheels. They will be the same weight, about 1580 grams, but should be way stiffer. We'll find out.

I found out Rim was cancelled yesterday. I've heard of a ton of people going up there to race, instead of staying around and doing manions. At least 40 people I know were going. I heard the promoter say that due to scheduling conflicts he didn't want to roll the dice and lose money promoting a race. Why not have a pre registration party, or online registration, say if 100 people don't pre register, than you can't put it on, something like that. If you are going to promote a race, and make a commitment saying its happening, and then say it isn' sucks.

We had that date for manions last year, and the weekend for swope cx/mtn. was the weekend before manions, which is the weekend happening now, why not have it on this weekend? Nothing is happening within 3 hours of here. I don't know, I'm just sad for all my friends that were going to race RIM.

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